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10-03-2013, 12:51 PM
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Originally Posted by DrinkFightFlyers View Post
The lack of scoring at even strength is due in large part to the play of Bernier I would say. There were ample chances where the shooters were simply bested by Bernier. If you really are going to dispute that then this discussion can go no further as you simply are living in another world where facts don't matter.

The lack of adjustment was also there, but again, I would point more to Bernier as a reason they lost rather than most other factors. I mean, there really is no adjustment you can make to beat a goalie that is in the zone. Other adjustments could have been made that may have lead to a victory, but at the end of the day, the same thing could be said about every loss in the history of every team in the NHL.

This game was nothing to get upset about. A tough loss, for sure, but nothing to lose it over.
Bernier had a few great saves, yes, but for the most part the Flyers weren't making his life difficult. A big part of that was the lack of adjustment once the Leafs decided not to let the Flyers play their game.

I guess last season was nothing but a series of "tough losses" that can be explained away by things just "not working out" or opposing players just having good games too, huh? What we saw last night became disturbingly familiar as the game went on, to the point where I was convinced they would lose with over 10 minutes left. Not because of Bernier, per se, but because of what I was seeing the Flyers do.

Until I see something different on the ice I'm not going to be optimistic. I did that through most of last season and looked for every excuse I could, but the excuses have run out.

Like CF88, I'm ducking out of this thread to cease derailing it. I'd appreciate if you would quote me into the post game thread if you answer.

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