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10-03-2013, 02:23 PM
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Couple things:

1) Kris ****ing Newbury? Really? As if having one useless player in Rosehill wasn't enough?

2) Don't know why you guys think it's one side or the other with Couturier. On one hand he could do better and probably would do better with people not named Talbot. On the other hand, he hasn't shown much up till now and people have reason to start losing faith in him.

The guy's young but he's still 20 going on 21 and for an 8th overall forward (who was, at one point, in consideration to be among the first drafted) that's about the time a player should be, at the very least, showing some very good promise if not breaking out. So far the highlight of his NHL career and most promising aspect of his NHL career has been playing defense against Malkin one time in the playoffs a while ago.

This just kinds of reminds me of Schenn, JVR, and Giroux. Schenn hadn't lived up to his potential when he was traded to us and people here ignored that largely and he still isn't living up to his potential and now people are fully realizing it. JVR kept being given breaks around here and in the NHL at large until he was 22 for some reason based solely on his draft pedigree and position and ability to show up every once in a while yet at 24 years old and on a different team he still isn't living up to his draft position or potential. Maple Leafs fans like to praise him and expect big things of him, but if you extrapolate his only season with the Leafs in the lockout season he's still only playing up to the potential of a 30 G, 60 Point guy at best. Those are two examples of guys that have yet to live up to their extreme draft potential, hype, and faith that both have had a lot to do with the Flyers in recent years.

Giroux was drafted much later and had much less hype going for him and yet, while playing on our third line for the majority of the time in his first couple years with us, he still showed his skill level and what he could do with us in that position. I don't remember him ever playing with guys like Richards or Carter or Hartnell much in his first couple seasons yet he still produced at the level of a quality .5 PPG secondary scorer with potential.

At this point in time Couturier is giving me more reason to believe he'll head the route of JVR and Schenn then Giroux. Though, to be fair, I've never believed JVR or Schenn would reach their potential so maybe there's bias there, I don't know.

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