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10-03-2013, 04:37 PM
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Originally Posted by HatTrick Swayze View Post
Callahan the Captain and emotional leader of the Rangers does not raise the game of his teammates? That's what the numbers say eh? That to me proves again that while stats are nice they ain't everything. Just my 2 cents, not trying to flame you are entitled to your opinion.
I'm talking about on-ice impact, not some intangible "Callahan is so inspirational that I'll go that extra mile" ********. I'm talking about raising the game by making a good zone entry and set up play in the offensive zone to create scoring chances. Or keeping puck possession as to not let the other team get a chance to score. Making a good play in the NZ stealing the puck or forcing the other team to dump it in. I.E. tilting the ice in the favor of our team.

These "they wanted it more" are just BS stories made up to explain events after the fact. If Team A outshot them 45-16, but Team B won 1-2, we always hear afterwards: "they just wanted it more out there". BS, they got lucky. They all want it just as much, they wouldn't be in the NHL otherwise. All humans have a natural bias toward such stories so it isn't surprising that they exist and are so prevalent.

You win hockey games by outscoring the other team, not by "showing more heart". Which incidentally I'd Zuccarello does as much as any player in the league, fearlessly going after players twice his size. He is going to get one hell of a beating sooner or later.

Originally Posted by chosen View Post
Zucc is better than Callahan at being short and in shootouts.
He is!

Originally Posted by Fitzy View Post
He has either led or been in the top 3 of NYR forwards in TOI/game the last 4 seasons. He doesn't average 24 over a season, but it is still very high and in many games, especially tight ones, we saw him log 24+.

If he was on the third line, he would still be in the top 3 forwards in TOI/game on our team, in my estimation. He plays pretty doggone close to a full 50% of all our special teams minutes. That's a lot.
Exactly. I'm not saying play Callahan 14 minutes a night, I'm saying primarily utilize him where he is the most effective.

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