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Originally Posted by mrhockey193195 View Post
Yup, the "future projections" notion of those rankings makes a lot more sense.

On an unrelated note, of all the metrics used to determine a player's standing in the eyes of fans and the hockey community at a given point in time, one that definitely is not gospel and should be taken with several LARGE grains of salt, but one that I find interesting and fun nonetheless, is how players are rated in video games. Flawed, of course, so I'm not putting a lot of weight on it, but interesting at the very least.

EA Sports NHL 2001:
Rob Blake (93), Desjardins (91), Lidstrom (94), Kenny Jonsson (87), Hamrlik (87), Scott Stevens (93), Bourque (93), Hatcher (90), MacInnis (88), Pronger (97), Chelios (90), Leetch (86), and potentially a couple that I'm missing who were rated very highly.

Niedermayer was an 85...comparables were Numminen (85), Foote (84), Ohlund (85), Zubov (85), Redden (85), Jay McKee (84).

Again...and I reiterate, because I know people are going to jump down my throat for posting thing...I'm NOT using this as a strong component of my argument that Niedermayer was not in the upper-echelon of defenseman during that time period. We all know how ridiculously flawed and subjective video game ratings can be. I'm just posting it because I find it interesting, though I think it still has a smidgen of credence and maybe sheds a little bit of light on the discussion.

And just for fun...after his 30ish regular season games (sub 2.00 GAA if I remember correctly), and his great postseason in 2000, Boucher was rated a 90 in that game. Mike Richter, as a comparable US goalie, was an 81.
Ah well, its fun to post them anyway. And yeah video games are flawed, but for some of the defensemen there they aren't that far off. Perhaps a little high for Jonsson, but in 2001 Foote, Redden, Zubov and Ohlund would have been very close in terms of how good they were in comparison to Niedermayer.

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