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10-03-2013, 05:04 PM
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Originally Posted by Bieber fever View Post
yes lol goalie are overrated, the difference between price and budja is very small
Goaltending is the most important position in Hockey.
It's on par with Quarterback in the NFL.

Aaron Rodgers and Tom Brady are exceptional quarterbacks. Rodgers performs well without an OL.. Brady performs well without any weapons.. However, neither one of them can carry those teams all the way without support.

An exceptional goalie can get you far, win you games you should't win, but you can't win with just a goalie.

However, saying goaltending is overrated. No. You need an all-star team in front of a bad goalie to win it all. Even then, you're not guaranteed.. Niemi has shown after winning his cup that he's actually an above average goalie. Leighton sucked and that's why he let in the cup winning goal by Kane.

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