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01-16-2004, 07:31 AM
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Originally Posted by nuckfan in TO
I dunno... I agree that it doesn't make the most sense to deal O'Neill given his previous production and his age, not to mention he's not just a scorer, but also brings size and grit to the game....

but Bob MacKenzie is probably the one guy I would believe on this... his sources are usually right on, and if he's saying that the Canes are looking to move O'Neill, I believe it.

the question though is still what they expect to get for him... teams aren't going to give up the farm for him, and he'll be treated somewhere between the consistent 30 goal man he has been in the past and the struggling forward he's playing as now, who's on a $3.7mill contract (this is a huge point IMO, cause even though half the season is over, and a lot of that contract is paid, he still needs to be qualified at that same salary next season, or he's a UFA).

MacKenzie added: "If the Canes get the right offer, O'Neill is gone." ... this could be the big stumbing block, as the right offer could be anything from realistic and what teams would be willing to pay, to something unreasonable that the Canes expect in return... but if the Canes are truly rebuilding, I'm sure there are alot of teams (including the Canucks I would imagine) that would be willing to part with multiple pieces of their prospects/picks and some young players to make this happen.
I would expect a lot if interest in O'Neill. I don't think 3.7 mill is too much for a guy like him