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10-03-2013, 06:41 PM
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Originally Posted by Replacement View Post
Its odd because my opinion on the player wasn't very good when he got here. But at that time I saw a confused hockey player and individual who thought he was a whole lot better than he was and that could define how he wanted to play thinking he was valued and that the present club was potentially beneath him.

In short eager seemed less than enthused with being here and extending effort.

To wit I don't like this player or person. I just think he could be at the stage where he's desperate and willing to comply. OKC and what I saw from him in TC and preseason indicated increased purpose and willingness.

no biggy, I think theres a year or two left in Eager if somebody picks him up. Not much for fighting anymore but guy can play, skate quite well, get the odd line rush, and score up to 10 goals in a bottomsix capacity with limited minutes. Guy has never bled GA either. if somebody like this would be willing to bang regularly he could be quite effective.

Yes, I realize repeated invoking of "could".

If this is the end of eagers pro career cest la vie.
I had to miss "could" dangnabbit!!!
Yup, he's got the NHL wheels. And has even shown some NHL hands from time to time. What he seems to lack is an NHL brain. He could be a capable 'Raffi Torres' type player, and could the Oilers ever use a player like that... Perhaps he simply needs to accept himself first

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