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Originally Posted by Killion View Post
Indeed. However, perhaps semantics, but I personally dont feel Clarkes action "cheapened" our win in as much as it "cast a pall" over the entire series & served to underscore the oft times barbarous nature of the Canadian game at that time. Certainly it was premeditated & he should have been ejected for the remainder of the series & if the Ref's thought it was on order from the bench then done the same to Harry Sinden (even though it was reputedly Ferguson who ordered the hit the Head Coach is responsible for all actions of that kind, Buck Stops right there on his desk). That being said, in many a game there are "premeditated actions" that arent exactly torn from the pages of the Marquis of Queensburys' Rule Book and go completely un-noticed but for the soldier following orders & the Major behind the bench who gave the order. Old story. If the Cops didnt see you doing something, then it never happened. Right? Wheres your proof? A proofs a proof. A proof.. morally bankrupt of course, dastardly & underhanded but something that happened at all levels of hockey back then in Canada/US and with considerably frequency.
I can't comment if it cheapened the win, that's an individual opinion.

Nonetheless, obviously the gravity of the Summit Series dictated that the ends justified the means for Canada; but so long as Canada won.
Clarke's actions were soooo outside the realm of what was normally acceptable that, had a Canadian been the recipient, in no parallel universe do the majority of Canadians refer to said action as a "necessary evil, it's war".

Example: 1987 WJC. Never is it remembered as "dirty Soviet left the bench first, but that's hockey, happens at all levels"; it's universally remembered as the WJC where Canada was blatantly cheated out of a medal by the Soviets. Now magnify that sentiment tenfold by putting it in context of the Summit Series.

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