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10-03-2013, 07:13 PM
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Originally Posted by DrinkFightFlyers View Post
The defense was altogether "meh" last night. Calling Mez (or anyone) the worst last night is just splitting hairs. I don't think anyone stood out as the best or worst. Grossmann had a couple of nice hits IIRC, but other than I didn't notice anyone really looking any better or worse than any other defenseman. I know +/- means nothing, but there were four goals scored, none of which Mez was on the ice for.
I noticed Streit and Kimmo specifically Streit moving the puck very well. Streit even joined the rush a couple times. I noticed Grossmann for his beast pk shift so that a positive. Coburn and Schenn I didn't notice at all, which I guess is a good thing. While Mez wasn't terrible, he didn't have as string a game as the others. Particularly on the pp he looked out of place/lost on the pp. I will say he can still bring it from the point and he had a nice keep in (jumped at the blue line and reeled the puck in) but that's it. I don't think its splitting hairs to say he was the worst, again not bad but the worst.

Idk maybe I was paying specific attention to him cause I have my doubts but we all do that and I really don't think I was being overly critical. The others just either stood out more for their positives or didn't have a particularly bad shift unlike Mez who was up and down.

Also weren't two of the four goals pp goals? If so only two could have effected +/- which is a pretty stupid stat.

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