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01-16-2004, 07:54 AM
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Originally Posted by Vlad The Impaler
Not at all. He just didn't man up and live to his obligations or, failing to do so, do the honorable thing.

He is scum.

He EMBODIES very much what is wrong with the league today, as opposed to being a scapegoat. He chose to BE part of the problem. I'm surprised you are so defensive about this knowing:

1-The great individuals on which this franchise was built.

2-The fact he literally robbed your franchise of precious dollars they can't invest elsewhere now.

But hey, yeah. You can pretend "it's the system" like so many others. keep wondering why things are screwed up like that when people close their eyes and decide to accept nonsense like that.

It's "the league's fault", whatever that means...

I also has been said by various sources, including the french media - shock, that apart from not producing, Audette was a real problem in the dressing room. A moper and **** disturber at that.

Vlad is bang on - the current system has got to die. No more guaranteed contracts. Bring on a lockout if it means that teams get to clear players who are robbing the franchise without providing any value.

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