Thread: TSN 1260: What's Going On? Part 4
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10-03-2013, 09:50 PM
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Originally Posted by timekeep View Post
And the commercials have changed a bit. Just need to get rid of Stats guy Lowetide.
I don't mind Lowetide for a couple hours in the day, sometimes he is maybe a little too nice and positive, but I think that is just his personality, he seems like a great person.

As for Dellows... I quite enjoy listening to him on occassion but I do find that he is getting close to over saturation, between Lowetide and Stauffer he seems to be on the air 4 out of 5 days a week. Part of it is likely my own fault because while I'm at work I'm listening to 1260 all day with an interlude for Stauffer at noon.

If they don't find a good local host for the noon hour on team 1260 I wouldn't mind a good national show, even if it focuses on hockey. I listened to Rome for a year before he left for Lowetide and I can't say I miss him. His shtick didn't do it for me.

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