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Originally Posted by Big Phil View Post
I did mention that they led the NHL in fights during the regular season. The last Cup winning team to do this was the 1975 Flyers, if I am correct. They didn't fight outside of the first round much for the reason that they had already set the tone before hand. The 1974 Flyers/Bruins Cup final should have had bench clearing brawls, yet it didn't. O'Reilly and Schultz had the only series fighting major. Why is this? A tone was set, a mood was set. Neither team came into the Cup final with a wimpy reputation and each team knew this. Therefore the mere threat of a fight made each team behave. See, Anaheim did this already in the regular season. They were a tough, tough team in 2007. Look at the names of the guys who could drop the gloves: Parros, O'Brien, Thornton, Moen, Pronger, May. They had already established the reputation of instilling fear into the other team. This team is the best team since the Broad Street Bullies to combine skill and intimidation for a Cup win.
Again using examples from the 70's. The game has changed so much since then. Give me an example of when their opponents were scared of Anaheim.

The 2011 Bruins were sort of the same way. Lucic, Chara, and again, Shawn Thornton. Not to mention there were lots of fisticuffs in the 2011 final. Lots of roughing penalties. Do you think near the end of Game 6 it was an accident that the Sedins were on the ice at the same time as Marchand and Thornton? Nope. The team got better once Thornton was inserted into the line up. They tested the Canucks, and the Canucks failed horribly. Game 3 had lots of fights, geez, Tim Thomas purposely came out of his net to body check Sedin. Rarely has there been a softer team that has gotten so far in a playoff year than the Canucks. But it caught up with them.
What tone was set? Burrows bit Bergeron. Laperrie was acting like a goof. Rome nailed Horton. Clearly the regular season meant jack.

What got the Bruins going was Lapierre acting like a goof. Pierre McGuire said so. There was only one fight in Game 3 and it was a huge fest. Chicago was softer last year and they beat the Bruins. The Nucks pushed the series to game 7 despite having injuries to Edler, Ehrhoff, Bieska, Kesler, Hamhuis, Samuelsson and a suspended Rome.

You would think, but not if he has the mindset he says he does. Laraque wasn't around very long, that was a smart pick-up a la Semenko for Gretzky, but it didn't last. You dont need to be dropping the gloves every game to make a point though. It is the deterrent factor that keeps players behaving. Think of an enforcer as a disciplinarian. Or a parent.
In 07-08 Georges played 71 games. In 08-09 Godard played 71 games. In 09-10 Rupp played 81 games. Rupp played 81 games in 10-11. They have had at least one enforcer for the majority of Crosby's career. If Crosby wanted one they would get one. If Shero wanted one they would get one. If Mario wanted one they would get one. They must feel it is a waste of a roster space.

Originally Posted by Big Phil View Post
Look, canucksfan, sorry about your luck, but this is an issue that will be dead in a couple of days, if it isn't already. There are new games everyday being played and even the people with the anti-fighting agenda take time off. Nothing is, or should, be done about the game right now.
What luck? This issue will still be in the news in a couple of days.

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