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10-04-2013, 12:06 AM
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Originally Posted by SlapshotSuperstar View Post
This is just plain silly, How could you even use this in a debate? You think that Eakins is playin him out of sympathy? Or is Smytty supposed to say "Hey coach I'm no good anymore, could ya please stick me in the pressbox?" get with it. Eakins and MacT are the ones who decide how good he is and if he plays. He does what he is told. including bleed. Also stating that Smytty doesn't realize he is getting up there in years in kind of far out there as well. Smyth has increased his training regimen vastly this past summer and is 100% on board with the Eakins fitness routine, and will only improve as time goes on. It is a new season now with a new schedule and new stats, and we will see who the best player is after the dust settles in the Spring/Summer.
Thanks you just explained Eakins favoritisim, wonder if Smyth brings him a apple to every practice

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