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Originally Posted by Master Lok View Post
Ah, so its Smyth's entire history of bad games from last season that people are upset about.

I find it ridiculous that people are going on and on about Smyth being the worst player on the team, the worst player in the league, he should be waived etc.

a) he's not the worst player on the team. Steve MacIntyre is. After Mac, its Brown. Truly.
b) he wasn't the worst player in the winnipeg loss, it was Dubnyk. Followed by Hall.

And yet, after the ONE game, people are moaning and wailing about Smyth. So he lost some board battles. So he took a bad penalty.

So what? Did he cost the team the game? Did he cause any of the Jet goals directly?
I would disagree with you when you say MacIntyre and Brown are worse than Smyth. Smyth might have had more talent back in the day but right now Brown could out skate, out hit, out shoot and simply outplay Smytty. As for MacIntyre he has one role. He plays a couple minutes a night at best only to fight people. And at least he has a purpose.

The only thing Smyth did at the end of last season and the start of this season so far is be a negative effect on the line he is on. He simply cannot do anything. The last time he was 'good along the boards' was over 2 years ago at best. Look at his game and other than be a good locker room presence which isn't on the ice mind you, what is he good at? He doesn't excel or is even average at any facet of the game anymore. There was one play last game, his penalty. He received a pass and if he had put any effort into his pass, I think it was Hall was flying and could have had a great opportunity. Instead, Smyth takes his time and flutters a pass across the neutral zone and the other teams player picks it off easily. Someone in house league could have made that pass, hell all he had to do was chip it past the defenceman and against the boards where Hall could have picked it up. So then he grabs onto the defenceman and drags them both down, and gets a penalty.

How many turnovers did he have, 10? And this is a routine thing. Of course Hall and Dubnyk had terrible games but this is the norm for Smyth and I'm simply sick of it. Put MacIntyre on that line, at least he serves a purpose. Smyth turns the puck over constantly, loses every battle it seems, flubs ever pass/shot, loses every race to the puck, and to boot doesn't even intimidate anyone. The opposition and probably even his own teammates must laugh while watching him play the game because I know I sure do. I almost want him to keep playing so many minutes because it's good for a laugh. I cry from laughter watching the poor guy try to take corners at his top speed. Or him trying to backcheck with the inevitable random slash while he's failing to chase the guy ahead of him. He's like a borderline AHLer/4th liner without any redeeming factors like being able to fight or even throw a hit.

I might be a little hard on ol' Smytty because I am sure he is a standup guy. He is an alternate captain and he seems genuinely nice in his interviews, but get the **** off the ice man. It's time to take him out behind the barn.

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