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10-04-2013, 02:41 AM
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Originally Posted by duul View Post
I would disagree with you when you say MacIntyre and Brown are worse than Smyth. Smyth might have had more talent back in the day but right now Brown could out skate, out hit, out shoot and simply outplay Smytty. As for MacIntyre he has one role. He plays a couple minutes a night at best only to fight people. And at least he has a purpose.
I really have to question your hockey knowledge. This isn't even close to a dispute. Outskate, outhit, outshoot, - who cares? Bottom line its effectiveness. Check out last years stats.

In 47 games last year, Smyth scored 13 pts and was -5. And recall that he was playing out of position for a fair part of the season.

So this wonderkind Brown - who can outshoot and outplay Smyth? In 27 games, Mike Brown scored ONE point and was -8.

Its a laugh if you actually think Mike Brown can outplay Smyth.

Originally Posted by duul View Post
How many turnovers did he have, 10? And this is a routine thing. Of course Hall and Dubnyk had terrible games but this is the norm for Smyth and I'm simply sick of it. Put MacIntyre on that line, at least he serves a purpose. Smyth turns the puck over constantly, loses every battle it seems, flubs ever pass/shot, loses every race to the puck, and to boot doesn't even intimidate anyone.
Wow. Did you even watch the game? You want to know how many turnovers Smyth had? Check out The stats are there. Smyth had ONE giveaway. Not 10. I'm thinking that you're really seeing things that simply aren't there. Your bias is really affecting how you see the game.

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