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10-04-2013, 09:24 AM
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Goalies who handle the puck well...

It was pretty evident last night at how valuable a puck handling goalie can be. Smith's play led directly to the second goal.
From a borader perspective, guys like Smith and Brodeur really can slow down a forecheck if you are careless with your dumps which was also evident last night.

This is a really valuable thing to have in a long series where a team can target a poor puck handling goalie and bang your D around over seven games and force you to go 200 feet every time.

I love Hank, but this is truly the one part of his game that is below average. What sort of gnaws at me is that he has never really improved it. It strikes me the same way as when I see a great basktball player unable to make free throws. As a fan you're like "Can't he work on that and get better". I still find myself screaming at the TV to "Don't touch it".
I know you always want the one thing you can't have, but man he could make life easier for our D if he could even become average at it.

I am not a goalie (or a world class athlete) so I cannot attest to the validity of my thinking so I am throwing it out to the board.

The only thing I can come up with is that if you are a natural right handed thrower and shooter in hockey, as a goalie you wind up having to shoot lefty by virtue of having the catching glove on left hand and stick in right hand. That could certain limit your proficiency in handling the puck.

Can any goalies out there comment? Does that make any sense?

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