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01-16-2004, 08:50 AM
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Originally Posted by Mother Tucker
All one has to do is listen to Roenick continue on with his rant against Bettman to understand that the league is biased against the Leafs. If Roenick played for the leafs he would have received 5 games by now. As Bill Watters says, Bettman is Sniders (Flyer's owner) boy. Surprise suprise he has been treated with Kid gloves. What would happen if Nolan carried on like Roenick ( who I agre with and don't blame him for his tirade).
Maybe I'm in the minority of Leaf fans when I say. "Good for JR". At least he has the balls to stand up to the NHL. Under the collective bargaining agreement, the NHL cannot suspend Roenick for his continued rant, only fine him $1000. Chump change for him and IMO, well worth it. Bettman really needs to take the basketball out of his ass and concentrate on hockey. So, a player speaks out against something the referees are doing all to often, and rightfully so. But Gary doesn't like his little sheep being tarnished, so he suspends JR for a game and ends up costing Roenick over $91K. That's not chump change. I really don't care what Watters said on the radio, he came off sounding like a fool with his "Alfie" rant and he sounded like a fool again claiming Bettman is nothing but a puppet for Snider and Jacobs.

You really need to get off this NHL vs. Toronto diatribe. It was only a few games ago that Barry Trotz and earlier Glenn Sather had claimed that Toronto had the refs in their pockets.

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