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10-04-2013, 09:10 AM
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Originally Posted by canucksfan View Post
Again using examples from the 70's. The game has changed so much since then. Give me an example of when their opponents were scared of Anaheim.
What I was trying to tie together, was that in a Cup final with the Broad Street Bullies and the Bruins in 1974 there was only one fight on record. These teams behaved.

If you want an exact quote from a player saying how scared they were of Anaheim in the mold of "the bus would shake" in Philadelphia then I can't think of one off the top of my head, but I don't need to. It is commonly believed that Anaheim coupled skill and intimidation for their Cup win. Probably the best team to do this since the Flyers. This is the type of team Brian Burke intentionally built. This is the type of team the Maple Leafs were supposed to be, or that he was trying to do, which is starting to work out rather well now for them. Obviously a Stanley Cup winning GM sees the need for intimidation in the game. Who am I to counter that?

What tone was set? Burrows bit Bergeron. Laperrie was acting like a goof. Rome nailed Horton. Clearly the regular season meant jack.

What got the Bruins going was Lapierre acting like a goof. Pierre McGuire said so. There was only one fight in Game 3 and it was a huge fest. Chicago was softer last year and they beat the Bruins. The Nucks pushed the series to game 7 despite having injuries to Edler, Ehrhoff, Bieska, Kesler, Hamhuis, Samuelsson and a suspended Rome.
I certainly wouldn't say Chicago was softer in 2013 than the Canucks in 2011. That Canucks team was a cream puff of a team, I'm sorry. They had a lot of skill, which is how they got that far, but once the Sedins felt any sort of pressure or brut intimidation they folded up like a lawn chair. In case you forgot, you can check their stats against Boston. I'm sorry about your luck, but intimidation is still a very important aspect of hockey. This isn't tennis.

In 07-08 Georges played 71 games. In 08-09 Godard played 71 games. In 09-10 Rupp played 81 games. Rupp played 81 games in 10-11. They have had at least one enforcer for the majority of Crosby's career. If Crosby wanted one they would get one. If Shero wanted one they would get one. If Mario wanted one they would get one. They must feel it is a waste of a roster space.
I would go the Glen Sather route if I were Shero. If I had assets like Crosby and Malkin I would protect my investment the best I could. Its his team, but does Crosby lose his front teeth from Hatcher if a legitimate enforcer is on the team?

What luck? This issue will still be in the news in a couple of days.
Hockey goes on, it keeps being played and the players do what they have to do to police themselves. Ask Iginla, he took it upon himself last night. There will be a new wave as soon as the next guy gets hurt in a fight, I'll give it two months, and then the media will be on it again like a fat kid on a smartie, but they'll take a break. In fact, it's died down already. You and I are the only ones really talking on this thread. Look at the other threads on this board, all people are talking about is the other fights that have happened since.

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