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10-04-2013, 10:53 AM
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Alright, I'll say it. I am a Leafs fan that supported the Connolly signing when it happened. I felt like he could really fit with the team, since there was a huge need for a top center. He never had any consistancy in Buffalo because of his injuries, so a fresh start with consistant/skilled linemates looked like it might work wonders.

But the story went exactly like Sabres fans told us it would. He played grat for stretches, but it seemed like it was only when he wanted to. Season starts, Tim plays well. Kessel is on fire, Tim plays well. Coaching change, Tim plays well. But unless there was some outside factor to motivate him, he was dead weight. Combine that with missing time for any "injury" he could come up with, and Connolly was just not helping the team.

I wanted to see him succeed. But once it looked like there was no longer a place for him on the team, he totally gave up. Like nothing I've ever seen before, he just called it quits, and did only the bare minimum to keep getting paid. He was getting out played in the AHL, coasting around like he was on autopilot.

I kept checking in on him, reading post-game articles and boxscores once in a while. But it was sometimes hard to know if he was even playing unless you watched the game and saw his name on a jersey. He litterally dissappeared.

Trust me when I say, for the last year he had no desire to be an NHL player. I don't know if that has changed, or if he could still return if he wanted to. But it is a stone-cold fact that he just hasn't cared for a long time now.

End of story.

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