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10-04-2013, 11:28 AM
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This Flyers roster isn't that bad on paper. It's offensive weapons are probably better then any other team on paper with at least six guys that are likely 20 G+ and 50 P+ players and two excellent developing youths in Schenn and Couturier beyond that. If Talbot were bumped off the third line and we didn't have two goons in Rosehill and Newbury on the 4th line it'd look a hell of a lot better.

Our D is a little unbalanced but it's also fine on paper if we could just grow the balls to dump Meszaros and his cap hit and put Gus in his place. Streit and Timonen bring the offensive production and everyone else is pretty damn solid defensively and in other aspects of the game (like with Schenn and his hit count or Grossmann and his blocking ability). Could still use a clear-cut number one but Timonen is still good enough to hold the charge there like he was in the SCF run. Could use a little bit more puck movement too, but it's hard to get it all perfect.

Our goaltending is more of a wait-and-see situation, but Emery has proven in his stint with Chicago (that excellent record and numbers) and his short stint here when he was healthy that he can play well enough to be a 1B type of goalie that can get wins for a good enough team. Mason is Mason. Guy with a lot of talent and rebound potential that's already been playing better then he has with Columbus with us.

It's really not a bad team on paper. Just stupid lineup decisions (see: Newbury, Rosehill, Gill, Talbot, Meszaros mainly) and, as many have noted, a complete mismatch between system and roster personnel as well as a discord between coach and players. On paper our team has a better roster then the vast majority of the league and our offense should be elite.

Also, Gretzky as coach? I can't think of a worse idea to be honest. The guy was god awful in Phoenix to the point where he was one of the worst coaches I've ever seen. The difference between a Gretzky-coached Phoenix team and a Phoenix team coached by a very great coach (Tippett) is night and day.

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