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Originally Posted by Trafalgar Law View Post
I think we should only evaluate MacT on individual transactions for now. Eakins hasn't gotten time to settle the team in yet, not to mention RNH and Gagner are both out atm. You can't really judge how well the team is assembled until it actually plays as a team for a significant period of time. So far:

Anton Belov: A, he's been outstanding for us so far, especially considering this is his first time playing NA hockey, and had to deal with jetlag no less. He's been steady in all 3 zones and looks poised to push someone out of the top 4.
Philip Larsen+7th round pick for Shawn Horcoff: A++++++++++++++++++, he traded Shawn Horcoff without taking back salary, nuff said. Philip Larsen also could be an NHLer yet.
Will Acton: D, I'm sure I've made my opinions on the Will Acton move known already. Astounding that we went after a career AHLer first thing during FA instead of actual players like Matt Hendricks and Maxim LaPierre.
Andrew Ference: A-/B+, not exactly blowing it out of the water in terms of play, but he's done his job and considering he's been named captain, his contributions extend far beyond what we see on the ice.
Boyd Gordon: B, as advertised, he's been a steady presence on our third line and PK and has been great on the dot. And unlike Horcoff, he actually embraces his role. The only issue I have with this is the cap hit, but I'd much rather spend it on Gordon than Scorecoff.
Jesse Joensuu: A+, what a find by our scouts so far. Hopefully for the first time we actually got ourselves a steal instead of a disappointment like POS or Belanger. He's been everything we wanted from Hartikainen/JFJ and more.
Jason LaBarbera: D, there were much better options out there like Khudobin and Greiss, who actually had some upside and could push Dubnyk for the starter's job. But instead we're stuck with Berabera.
David Perron for Magnus Paajarvi: A-/B+, a great pickup, but not perfect. He's definitely an upgrade over Paajarvi as a top 6 forward and is actually a lot tougher than advertised. However, he's not quite the player we needed, as our top 6 is still very small.
Denis Grebeskov: F, Garbagekov has, simply put, played like garbage. Aside from a couple nice passes, he's out of position every second shift and needs a compass in his own zone.
Sam Gagner: B, he signed Gagner to a reasonable contract that doesn't handcuff the team. That being said I think we could've done better, but hey at least we didn't let it go to arbitration or hand him a millstone contract.
Ryan Nugent Hopkins: A, lock up the core long term. No complaints here.
Steve McIntyre: F, Literally worth less than nothing. He does nothing but jam up a contract spot.
Luke Gazdic: B, too early to tell, but the kid was solid in his debut and looks like he'll bring more to the table than Smack can ever hope to.
No grades for resigning Jones?
Or signing Hamilton?
How about bringing back Omark?

All 3 had a solid chance to make the team going into camp. Just because they aren't on their team because of their play, doesn't mean they shouldn't get a grade.

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