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Originally Posted by Darth Milbury View Post
Oh, please. How many 30 goal seasons has JVR had? In fact, how many seasons has he had with over 40 points? Ryan had 4 consecutive 30+ goal seasons before the lockout year. JVR's career high is 20. Saying they are comparable is an absolute joke.

Heck, Ryan has scored more goals than Kessel in two of the last four seasons, and he would have done it in a third season if he was not injured. In Kessel's breakout year, Ryan was on pace for over 40.

Speeza's career high is 92 points. Remind me again - how many 90 point season has Kessel had?

But, I guess I must be posting all these actual statistics because I am another Leaf hater.

Kessel is a gifted young offensive player with huge upside. I would easily put him at the same level as John Tavares and Matt Duchene as far as longterm potential is concerned. But, to have him in an entirely different league than Ryan and equate him to Speeza is way beyond the actual facts.
Stop living in the past, man.

Each team has one player that is a consistent threat to finish top-10 in league scoring each year. That's Kessel and Spezza.

Ryan is not challenging for top-10 in league scoring anytime soon, and anyone trying to compare him to the 4th highest scorer in hockey over the past 2 seasons is obviously a homer.

I know you think it's objective of you to believe that both Ryan and Spezza are going to magically have career best years this year, but that's silly homer talk.

And here's how they've done the last 2 seasons, the most relevent recent sample:

C J.Spezza (30): 85gms, 36gls, 89pts, 28ht, 25bk, 19:51 (82gms, 35gls, 86pts, 27ht, 24bk)
W P.Kessel (26): 130gms, 57gls, 134pts, 28ht, 44bk, 19:57 (82gms, 36gls, 85pts, 18ht, 28bk)

W B.Ryan (26): 128gms, 42gls, 87pts, 193ht, 53bk, 17:43 (82gms, 27gls, 56pts, 124ht, 34bk)
W J.VanRiemsdyk (24): 91gms, 29gls, 56pts, 92ht, 33bk, 17:15 (82gms, 26gls, 51pts, 83ht, 30bk)

it's clear which players are most similar at this point in time.

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