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Originally Posted by Darth Milbury View Post
Yeah, Kessel "regularly" challenges for the top 10 as in doing it twice.

And, the "not remotely close" Ryan has scored goals at a better pace than Kessel in three of the last five seasons.

Funny, how a guy who can score more goals than Kessel is not even "remotely close" to him offensively.

And, all that gets away from my earlier point. I in now way, shape, or form implied that Ryan would score more points than Kessel. I said he was the better overall player.
Thats not entirely fair, players like Clarkson can score 20-25 goals but are only 40 point players, they arent necessarily strong offensive players despite their high goal totals. Therefore you cant say Ryan scores similar amount of goals therefore he is an equivalent offensive talent, because that simply isnt true, Ryan doesnt have the vision, playmaking or speed that Kessel has. In more recent years, Kessel has been a Spezza comparable while Ryan is slightly behind as a fringe 1st line solid 2nd liner.

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