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Originally Posted by Hiesenberg View Post
There is a lot of argument against you on "playing 4th line minutes won't hurt a development" And one of the main reasons why guys like Cousins/McGinn/Raffl/Laughton aren't playing with the Flyers right now.
I don't think so. Lots of guys start by playing on the 4th line. Richards turned out great for example.

There are a lot of people that think McGinn is a top 6 (or 9) player and really we are going to argue Holmstrom over Newbury, aren't they basically the same guy?
Nobody thinks McGinn has top 6 upside. He's a 4th liner, if everything goes right for him he could be a solid 3rd liner with the skills to fill in higher in a pinch.

Holmstom is a much better pker. He'll fight as well and won't put up points so they are the same in that regard but Holmstrom is better in his own zone. I give the edge to Holmstrom for usefulness at the NHL level. I don't think he's with the team cause he's just coming back from a really bad knee (?) injury. Preseason was the first time he played in a while.

And in regards to Cousins over Talbot? That's your opinion, there has been no proof what so ever that the kid can play NHL minutes. And with a team that has Stanley Cup aspirations, you think they'll go with a 21 year old that is AT BEST a 3rd line player by most regards or a proven veteran?
Talbot is a veteran that has proven time and time again that he's not cut out for the anything other then the 4th line. He can play up for a few shifts if needed but he shouldn't be in the top 9 permanently. I completely understand Homer's reasoning in not giving Cousins the shot at that last top 9 spot as he's only got a handful of pro games under him. Cousins is without a doubt the better offensive player though, in other words offensive won't be his primary point of focus in ADK.

I'm just playing devil's advocate here. While I would have preferred someone other then Newbury get the call I'm OK with it for now cause I'm fairly confident in saying one of Raffl, Akeson, McGinn, Cousins etc (in other words an alternative to Newbury) will be with the team sooner rather then later.

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