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I'll just go with preference and personal experience here:

Originally Posted by Carl Carmoni View Post
I will be in Nashville next weekend for a few days. We are 4 20 something guys looking for a good time. I have a few questions:

-Which bars/streets are a must? - I've been responsible for quite a few out of towners experiencing Nashville in the last few months. Paradise Park, Honky Tonk Central and The Stage are very unlikely to disappoint, even if they're extremely crowded.
-Is the tailgate good for Titans game? We are going to the game on Sunday.- Most Titans games are at noon, so that doesn't help much. There's a lot of people there, but most NFL games in this time zone don't cater much to tailgating because 12 isn't real early, but not late enough to do much before hand. Get there early and don't feel weird about it. Also, in Tennessee you can't purchase alcohol outside of a bar until noon on Sundays. So if you want that for a tailgate, get it the previous night.
-Any sports bar that will show the Habs game on Saturday night? Dont mind if its a small tv hidden in the corner really.
As someone else said, Bailey's is probably your best bet on Broadway. Scratch that, it IS your best bet.
-Is the country HOF worth the stop even if were not really into country?
Not sure.
-Any less known attractions that we should know about?
Depends on how much time you have. Yeah The Parthenon is cool, about 2 miles west of downtown across from Vanderbilt. I had people I knew from San Diego come into town a couple weeks ago to see our Chargers choke against the Titans, and they took a day trip on Saturday to go out to the Jack Daniel's Distillery. They loved it. That's a large time commitment though but doable if you're able to get an early start. They left at 10am and were back in plenty of time to prepare and go nuts Saturday night.

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