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Originally Posted by KelownaRocketsFan View Post
Yesterday I had my first-ever hockey practice. Of course I was by far the worst player on the ice but I don't really care since I still had a lot of fun! Other than I expected, nobody laughed at me for anything I did and everybody just accepted that I'm new to the game. I can't wait for my next practice on Tuesday!

One question that I have: the part of the stick tape that touches the ice was completely gone. I put some tape just on the bottom of the blade to support it so that it didn't expose the blade. However, I could see that tape layer afterwards because the actual tape job was completely ripped of. Am I doing something wrong, do I use bad tape (it's made by Lowry) or is it just normal?
Talk to the people at the pro shop about tape and taping hockey sticks. They will guide you along.

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