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Originally Posted by Fitzy View Post
A strong assertion, considering that in their post-draft OHL seasons...

Pyatt- 68gp, 40G, 49A, 89 P

Miller-61 gp, 25G, 37A, 62P

And that Pyatt has 130 goals in 800 games translating to about an average of 13 goals a season over a lengthy career. I would liketo wish that Miller had more offensive potential in his pinky, but I'm not sold on the whole perennial 20 goal scorer thing people seem to see. He's going to be a good hockey player, bu 20 goals scorers are getting more and more rare in this league.
I'm not penciling him in for 20 goals. And I'm not basing Pyatt based on his play a couple years ago.

He seems to be a slowed down version of what he once was. Obviously he was never blazing fast, but the way he has played on the Rangers, in my opinion, is not indicative of how he played prior to that.

More than anyone, I"d love Pyatt to make me eat crow and put up 15 goals this year, hell, even 10 with 4th line minutes would be more then welcome, but I just don't see it happening.

He seems to be behind the play to often and isn't a guy who causes consistent raucous' in front of the net. Maybe with his black hole offense last year, I've become so biased that I can't give him a subjective shot, but I just feel, with all of our youngsters waiting in the wings, it would be a waste to put Pyatt out there, who hasn't shown me he can provide the offense he was once capable of.

Guys slow down as they get older, Pyatt's now 32 and he's a bigger body. I see his peak having passed by. But, maybe he'll make me look like a fool. If he's going to be one of AV's guys, then i sure hope he does.

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