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10-04-2013, 11:01 PM
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Sorry for the delay, Flames and Heat games were at the same time so I didn't watch the Heat game until after the Flames game was done.

Abbotsford Heat 5 - Lake Erie Monsters 2

Heat Goals:
  1. PP - Chad Billins (1) [Corban Knight (1), Max Reainhart (1)]
  2. ES - Drew MacKenzie (1) [Blair Jones (1)]
  3. PP - Ben Hanowski (1) [Josh Jooris (1), Paul Byron (1)]
  4. ES - Josh Jooris (1) [Paul Byron (2), Greg Nemisz (1)]
  5. ES/EN - Ben Hanowski (2) [Brett Olson (1), Tyler Wotherspoon (1)]

1st star - Josh Jooris
2nd star - Ben Hanowski
3rd star - Brian Lerg

----- ----- ----- ----- ----- ----- ----- ----- -----

the lines looked like this:


Wotherspoon - Billins
Sieloff - MacKenzie
Cundari - Ramage

Horak - Reinhart - Byron
Hanowski - Knight - Jones
Ferland - Jooris - Nemisz
Bancks - Olson - Elson

My thoughts:
  • The lines more or less remained static for the entire game, even in the dying minutes. As each and every line made a positive impact on the ice.
  • The Jooris line was very physical and excellent defensively. They drew penalties and were excellent in all 3 zones. They compliment each other very well.
  • Knight played the point on the top PP unit as a RH shot with a bit of a bomb, interesting enough he also took the faceoffs for the Heat when he was on the ice for the PP. Reinhart would line up on the point and then he and Knight would swap positions.
  • Bancks had a fight, his line were the ideal pests all night.
  • Ferland got laid out my Siemens in the 2nd when he took a suicide pass from Reinhart, his helmet popped off with the hit. Ferland jumped up and fought Siemens himself, fight was a draw but Ferland landed an uppercut bomb.
  • Berra very very good in his North American debut. Nothing much in terms of highlight reel saves, but just very solid all the time. He was especially good in the last 10 minutes of the 3rd period. When all was said and done he stopped 31 of 33 shots
  • Sgarbossa for the Monster's laid out Sieloff with a bit of a dirty hit, was close to being called a boarding major, but Sieloff never left the game and made an amazing diving block in the 3rd period
  • Ward used the Heat timeout immediately after the second goal by the Monsters, trying to regroup them before the Monsters could get the momentum to tie the game.
  • When MacKenzie scored the PA announcer called him Drew MacIntyre like I did not too long ago, this gave me a chuckle.
  • Wotherspoon and Billins were the top pairing, they always seemed to be in the ice. Without looking at any TOI numbers I bet Billins played close to 30 minutes with Wotherspoon a couple minutes behind that.
  • Seiloff/MacKenzie seemed to be on the ice more than Ramage/Cundari, I chalk it up to Cundari being the least impressive player on the Heat tonight. Not to be too hard on Cundari, he wasn't "bad" as everyone just played a very good game and he was average with a couple unnecessary penalties. And after I typed that Cundari steps up and has an amazing final 10-15 minutes for the game.
  • If Sieloff wasn't wearing a bubble he likely would have fought Desbiens a couple times, they always seemed to be shoving and jawing back and forth.
  • Drew MacKenzie played a very good game, if this continues he will earn an NHL contract and will deserve it.
  • With 4:35 Byron laid out a Monsters player from behind on a very dirty hit. This is not the first time I have seen this from him, he might be small but he has a physucal/dirty side to him. He may get suspended for this as he is a repeat offender on this type of play, how he only got 2 for boarding amazes me. Fortunately the Monsters player was able to skate off on his own and did not have to leave the game.
  • These Cleveland fans are fantastic, if the NHL expands I think Cleveland should definitely be considered. They are just fantastic fans and drew over 12,000 for tonights game. They might even be a better option than Columbus for an NHL team.

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