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10-05-2013, 12:14 AM
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OK guys...

Avs fans, you should probably realize that right now isn't the best time to come to the Preds forum and tell us how the hit wasn't dirty. A guy with a history took out one of our best players, and one of our few LHD. We're upset about it, and the result of the game didn't exactly comfort us.

Preds fans, do not call people trolls. If you feel like someone is trolling then report it, and let us handle it. Calling someone a troll, even if you strongly feel that is what they are, is flaming. That is clearly spelled out in the site rules, and if you receive an infraction for doing it then you really don't have much of an argument.

Use the report function. Please. I'm going to watch a movie because, to be honest, I'm tired of talking about that hit and this game.

Avs fans, please do me a favor and discuss it on your own board or in the neutral forum. At least for tonight. I would appreciate it a lot.

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