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10-05-2013, 02:47 AM
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Originally Posted by Darth Vitale View Post
Not so much amazing as predictable. Every fan-base has a group of people who are more or less sentimental in their thinking and who don't pay that much attention to other teams' players, so naturally favor ours in polls like this. To most of the 30% MAF will always be that likable guy who won the Cup with his "diving save" in 2009, and therefore allegiance to him counts more than anything else. Admirable in the era of free agent sports but ultimately misguided. Then again some people feel better about supporting a team when the players on that team are people who they respect / like as individuals... so all depends on why you watch.

To use a football analogy some people might prefer to have a likable, decent QB on their team rather than someone who is more skilled but who they perceive to be a pompous dewshbag. Put another way, if Fleury did not have such a likable personality, I bet the vast majority of Penguin fans (even the knucklehead fans on Facebook or wherever) would rag on him relentlessly (and it would've started a couple years ago).
My pick of Fleury had nothing to do with who is the better player. There is no question in my mind that Miller is head and shoulders above Fleury in net, however there are greater considerations in play for mine (in order of significance).

1. Relative cap hit. If it was a straight swap, how would that additional $1.25 be accounted for? Who goes? Tweaking around the edges wouldn't do it.
2. Would the switch be the difference-maker? I have my doubts. Vokoun back-stopped this team up to the Finals with solid but not necessarily spectacular play.
Miller's cap hit is $6.25m. Fleury's is $5m before the team in front of him were out-thought, out-muscled, and generally out-played. Solid is fine for this team in net.
3. I think there are more effective options moving forward than Miller that fit within the cost framework of a team. I don't believe the arguable additional benefit provided by Miller outweighs the additional cost of potential cheaper alternatives that may (or may not) be available.

So, in conclusion, arbitrary factors such as Fleury's personality and his success a few years ago did not come into the equation for me.

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