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10-05-2013, 04:04 AM
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Originally Posted by hckyplayer8 View Post
Homer has done nothing but improve the team.

We needed a big body D, we got Grossman and Morin.

We needed a better G, we gave the BUM a chance; then went and got a young kid and a vet.

Not sure how anybody can fault Homer for anything but abusing cap space with the occasional crappy signing.
He traded a Vezina winner away for a second rounder after signing someone for 50 million dollars that they bought out two years later. I can fault him for that and that is NOT "improving the team".

Originally Posted by StandingCow View Post
I don't agree with that statement at all... we have had a few goalies now (Bryz included) that did badly here but did fine on other teams. Again, it is our system that is at fault.
Bob didn't do badly at all here. Michael Leighton went from being the worst ****ing goalie on two skates to getting three shut outs on the way to the Stanley Cup finals. What did we have to say about Laviolette's system then? It was brilliant. It was sheltering bums in net and making them look great.

If you look at the **** Bryz was letting in, there's no way any coach was going to insulate him against that. You can' stop other NHL teams from getting shots from the outside, I don't care how good your system and personnel is. Bryz sucking here was on Bryz.

Originally Posted by Larry44 View Post
And they traded Bob because Lavy totally misused him in the playoffs, giving him one start, then putting him in the press box so he could bring Leighton in. Lavy can look right in the mirror for whose fault that was.
They traded Bob because there wasn't room for him and Bryz on the same roster. They traded the better goalie of the two, after signing the worse one for 50 million while next year's Vezina winner was still on the roster. I don't care what you want to say about what Lavi did in that Buffalo series, that's on Holmgren.

As for the way Lavi handled the goalies in that play offs, I didn't love it either. The only thing I can say is that it had to be a decision predicated on behind the scenes ****, because nothing that happened on the ice led me to believe that Boucher had justified that decision with his play.

Originally Posted by GoneFullHolmgren View Post
this team has gone backwards since they went to the Cup Final. This has been a organizational failure. And that includes Holmgren. Who will continue to get a free pass in this town just because he was a former player then a coach.
occasional crappy signing? lirl
And there it is, the unfortunate truth.

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