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Originally Posted by Giroux tha Damaja View Post
Bob didn't do badly at all here. Michael Leighton went from being the worst ****ing goalie on two skates to getting three shut outs on the way to the Stanley Cup finals. What did we have to say about Laviolette's system then? It was brilliant. It was sheltering bums in net and making them look great.

If you look at the **** Bryz was letting in, there's no way any coach was going to insulate him against that. You can' stop other NHL teams from getting shots from the outside, I don't care how good your system and personnel is. Bryz sucking here was on Bryz.
Because lavi had a team that supported his system them, the argument is that the current team (last 3 seasons really) doesn't have the correct players to support his system. Blame who you will for that (homer is supposed to get players that supports the coach's system right?).

As far as Bryz, yea he had some weak goals, but he also had some stretches where he played very well. Again, under the defensive system of phoenix he played very well (was sheltered maybe?), here he fell on his face, as would most goalies.

The system a team plays has a huge impact on how good a goalie appears, Marty (yes he is a great goalie) had his stats greatly improved because of the system the devils played for many years, and they continue to be defensively responsible.

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