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Originally Posted by Sanderson View Post
Yannik Valenti seems to be off to an amazing start. 15 points in 4 games, as a late 2000, outscoring even players born in early 1998. Obviously far too early in the season, and at that age far too early in the career to make anything out of it, but it's very impressive nontheless.

On a minor note, Ralf Rinke (on the potential national team players list) is currently playing for Hamburg in the DEL, not Bremerhaven. He might return to Bremerhaven once everyone is healthy, but right now he should get the majority of the games with Hamburg.
Of course with the different groups in the Schüler BL the stats are a bit skewed for many of the players especially early on. There is a team in "Süd Gruppe B" (TEV Miesbach) that has given up 103 goals in 6 games while only scoring 4 goals themselves. So obviously the stats of their opponents' players might be a bit inflated.

I know that about Rinke, but I hadn't got around to including his DEL stats, yet.
I am currently working on that.
But I appreciate the info. Please let me know if I forget anything else.

Also if anyone would like certain players added to my lists please let me know.
Personally I am really intrigued by Eisbären goalie Benjamin Beck. The kid is 14 and as tall as I am (6'4'').
I wonder how he will develop.

I'll keep working on this thread and it should be completely updated with this weekends games on Monday afternoon.

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