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10-05-2013, 03:33 PM
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Originally Posted by Malkin4Top6Wingerz View Post
This is a fair point, but if the question is Fleury vs Miller (taking into account their cap hits), I don't think it's a very hard decision. Miller has been much more consistent over his career in the regular season / POs and hasn't been prone to the kind of meltdowns we've seen so far with Fleury. I don't care how much he teases us with his sporadic stretches of great play. I'll never ever trust that guy in an important game.

So yes, I'd pay the extra million or so for the clearly better goalie who comes without the historically insane peaks and valleys. Of course I'd have dumped Fleury this offseason, went with Vokoun, and looked to acquire a goalie for the future either via trade or through the draft.
No argument there as I am not exactly overflowing with confidence with Fleury either. I always look at the first few minutes and if he's solid, square, and not over-commiting then he's fine. The problem is that I have to look every single game.

On the second note, Fleury has very little value at present. If they had of dumped him per se then we would have had a tandem of Vokoun and Z. Ignoring the blood clot, which is an out of the blue sort of thing, that tandem brings with it greater risk than Fleury with Vokoun for no additional gain as that cap savings cannot be committed to players for a term longer than this season realistically. Keeping Fleury was a good call, even if it was as a split-start goalie or overpaid back-up.

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