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Originally Posted by Canadiens1958 View Post
Surprising that such a detailed article made the press. Key element was the tourist part, the traveling mercenary.

Into the seventies before jurisdictions and governing bodies were streamlined and the multi-sport athlete started fading away the situation was very common especially with age differentials and portable addresses.
Yes I guess it was a pretty woolly situation huh? The whole concept of being a "professional athlete" in the late 19th & early 20th Century was really frowned down upon, sketchy way to make a living despite the fact that many amateurs in multi-sports were receiving reward be it financial or in the form of gifts & kind.... a little different than a player playing for multiple teams using aliases to avoid detection but also an aspect to sports that transcended even that in terms of society as a whole like in the case of George Kendall in Montreal from a prominent family. Was an "amateur/professional" wrestler in his youth, something his family frowned down upon so he changed his name to Kennedy. Formed the Montreal Athletic Canadiens' in the early 1900's promoting & training wrestlers, then developed an interest in hockey, attempting to buy the Maroons. That failed, however, Ambrose O'Brien had formed the Montreal Canadiens' and was ready to join the NHA in 1910 & Kennedy seeing an opening threatened to launch suit for illegal use of that name unless he was sold the team. Agreed, and so George Kendall nee Kennedy for $7500 became Owner of the NHA Montreal Canadiens.

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