Thread: Advice: Struggling with Shot on Ice
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10-05-2013, 05:58 PM
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Originally Posted by nwharris74 View Post
Hello all,
I'm having problems with my wristshot on ice. On dryland with a shooting pad, I can get them off with no problems. I've got the weight transfer down, my aim is OK, and I think I've got some velocity, and reasonable technique. Once I'm on the ice, everything seems to fall apart. I'm not sure if it's the balance, or the height difference, or what. It may be as easy as spending more time shooting and less time working on skating when I am on the ice. Unfortunately, life does not provide many opportunities to hit the ice as often as I'd like. Mostly just for games. Any suggestions or pointers would be rad.

Are you using the same size stick both on and off the ice? Are you having issues on the ice standing still or moving or both? I can give you some tips when I have a little more to go on. What is happening to your shot? Does it flutter or just stay on the ice? Does it have any velocity? Does it at least go where you are aiming it?

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