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10-05-2013, 07:55 PM
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Originally Posted by GoneFullHolmgren View Post
this team has gone backwards since they went to the Cup Final. This has been a organizational failure. And that includes Holmgren. Who will continue to get a free pass in this town just because he was a former player then a coach.
occasional crappy signing? lirl
Its been 4 years since we made it to the cup final.

10/11 We had the majority of the same core that made the finals including a stud, young G in BOB. Started out hot, then mid season we suffered injuries and our young G started cooling off as teams exposed his one weakness. Should have went deep but got booted due to injures and our coach running a joke of a goalie side show.

11/12 Snider panics during the offseason, demands a goalie fix. He finds fault with our captain and our consistent 50 pt player for not producing in the previous post season where the entire team looked terrible. Has them axed to make funding for non proven goaltender and proceeds to kick our young stud to a back up position. We look impressive offensively, but lose captain and #1 D Pronger to a concussion. Our replacement goalie went from good to inconsistently mediocre. The goalie carousel began again and we were bounced by a better NJ team.

12/13 Lockout shorten season starts off abysmal. After not being able to cash in on Weber, we continue to lack depth at the blue line since Pronger left. We stick with our crappy headcase goalie. Made him the clear cut #1 after trading Bob in the offseason so the BUMs fragile ego wouldn't get destroyed. Never get our feet under us and miss the playoffs.

I look at that and don't see how much can actually be pinned on the GM.

I'm not saying Homer is blameless. I'm just saying a lot of that is bad luck, and other people making piss poor decisions.

Originally Posted by Giroux tha Damaja View Post
He traded a Vezina winner away for a second rounder after signing someone for 50 million dollars that they bought out two years later. I can fault him for that and that is NOT "improving the team".
Come on man. You know Homer didn't demand Bryz.

Snider demanded a replacement and it was Homers job to bring one here at any cost.

If anybody should go it should be Lavy (as his system no longer fits our team) and Snider for failing to see what a lot of people saw in Bob.

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