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Originally Posted by Canadiens1958 View Post
A few years ago, 2004-05 season, a Vietnamese father(played soccer) enrolled his 4 year old son in a Learn to Skate program. Took copious notes and videos then applied everything during free skate time at the arena to learn skating, eventually hockey.

Today the son is a double letter bantam, Father plays a reasonable level of pick-up hockey 35+.

A few comments.

Jazz Hands and other arm movement exercises on skates are all about proper arm and hand movement that are necessary for proper skating balance, reactions should you fall, speed, turning, etc. Don't ignore such aspects of learning to skate.

The basics of teaching youngster to skate, eventually playing hockey, apply to all ages. No different from teaching or learning a new language, a new skill - woodworking, etc. You have to get the basics down since they are the foundation and they impact safety.
I get the point of what you mean here, but I'm not talking about that. I'm talking about the holding the outstretched arms, while doing crossovers. that's not an aspect of skating, it's an aspect of figure skating. I had another teacher who was a figure skater as well, but she understood she wasn't teaching figure skating, she was teaching ice skating. She also had a much stronger grasp of the mechanics behind what she was teaching, which helped me tremendously

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