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01-16-2004, 12:20 PM
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Originally Posted by Psycho Joe
Having an injury that forces you to end your career and be eligible for insurance is different than having an injury that hurts your ability of being a productive hockey player. Insurance companies aren't really known to generously give out money.
Tell me about it

I just experienced it myself.

I do think it would have been worth a try if the Habs management had felt it was hurting his ability to be a productive player. Either they determined it did not severely hurt his ability to be productive or they did not explore the possibility of an insurance claim despite knowing it did hurt his ability to be productive.

While Audette was doing ok after the Dallas episode, it seems to me to be plainly a matter of grabbing money and not living up to his part of the deal. Dallas suggests that, and much of his time in Montreal suggests it too. I knew he wasn't the greatest team player in the history of the NHL (he's had problems pretty much his whole career) but I still expected he'd give more to the Stars/Habs.

I hate that. I realize Audette is one of many but it hurts even more when the guy is so garbage you actually have to buy him out. Hurting his hometown team. Shame on him.

You almost wish there's a lock out next year so the habs don't have to pay the remainder of the deal.

I think I lost my patience with Audette a few weeks ago when I read some quotes by his agent (Lupien I believe) who had the audacity to be angry at the Habs and said "after more than 10 years of NHL service, the Habs need to treat Donald with the respect he is owed". Well, **** Donald. How about he *gains* that respect. I mean, they pay him to sit on his ass. It's not like THEY owe him something. It's in fact the opposite. Makes me sick.

Give me guys like Brodeur. Real men who actually go face to face with a general manager without a money-grubbing thug-agent. Who sign a good honest contract and then go out there and live up to it.

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