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Originally Posted by Beerfish View Post
Not really, Hervey worked his way up in scouting and worked his tail off to become a gm. He also has had no one at all to pass the torch from. I'll give Hervey another year but his 1st move a few days after the season as to be to fire Reed. If Reed is not canned right after the season then I agree.
Maccioca worked his tail off too when Campbell was AWOL towards the end of his tenure. The problem was he wasn't having a whole lot of success in the job he already held before he was promoted. Hard work alone doesn't entitle somebody to a promotion, you have to also prove you can be successful and the way to do it is by being good at what you're already doing. The proof wasn't there for Maccioca and I don't see any evidence that it was there for Hervey either. The thing the two of them did have in common was an absent boss and a bunch of excuses. That just proves how long the organization has been a gong show and ultimately that falls on the Board of Directors.

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