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10-05-2013, 10:03 PM
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Originally Posted by MoneyGuy View Post
We left early and saw Hervey who left his box early and was walking under the west stands, presumably to his office.

My friend and I were wondering if he might fire Reed tomorrow. My buddy wants Lapolice as the next coach, but I would like Dickenson. I think our next coach will be Campbell.
left early, when the playoffs are at stake?

I don't know why the would bother to fire Reed tomorrow. he should have been fired 12 games ago. what a joke.
no point in doing it now. The esks have already already shown how stupid they were to allow such useless coaches to continue to drive the team into the ditch.

then again. Hervey is doing a rebuild of a team he was the head scout of building.
has anyone ever had a GM rebuilding a team he had a part of creating in the first place?

I also was at the game. the first half had some of the worst football I've ever seen the esks play. and that's saying something.

I may have missed it when I was in the concession area, but I don't think the esks announced the attendance today. they muist have been too embarassed to do so.

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