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11-29-2006, 05:29 PM
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Originally Posted by boltsgirl41922 View Post
Do NOT put words in my mouth. Denis IS allowed a few mistakes. holmqvist is not; he's a little rat nosed twerp who should be in the minors, imo. Denis, I dont have a problem with, holmqvist I do. He stole Burkie's job.
I guess then that calling him an idiot doesn't necessarily mean he isn't allowed to make any mistakes. Please forgive me.

Originally Posted by boltsgirl41922 View Post
holmqvist does suck! We NEED to bring Burkie back! He's the only one who could keep us in the playoff picture all year round. He's far better than the two idiots we're calling goalies. He's the best, end of story.
And if Mr. Denis is an idiot we are "calling" a goaile that must mean you don't consider him one if I am to continue to take you at your word. Then what is he exactly? A NON-goalie who is allowed to make mistakes when he is playing the position of goaltender?

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