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10-05-2013, 10:51 PM
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Paul Holmgren and the Flyers organization seem to be stuck in the 70's. The dump and grind approach is an absolute failure on the offensive side. The defense back in on their goalies, thus creating a pourous situation. They could have vintage Ken Dryder in the nets, but with their retreating defense, the goalie is forced out of position or is blinded by those huge bodies blocking his view.
Laviolette has very little control over his team, the same mistakes that have been taking place for the past two seasons are still happening. His assistant coaches are obviously not effectively achieving the problems that are constantly existing, so Laviolette's choices for his assistants are as equally unsuccessful as himself.
The Flyers have some very talented players, and their potential for greatness is being unfulfilled under the current management staff.
Holmgren should've never been named GM. The fact that he has maintained that job for so many years is an absolute failure for Ed Snider.
The changes needed will not take place as long as Snider is still at the head of this organization.
Snider cannot be fired, but I sure wish he could be bought out and silenced permanently!

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