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10-06-2013, 12:44 AM
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Originally Posted by Jtown View Post
I kind of agree with this. I was a huge Coburn defender for a long time but man he has regressed so much these past two seasons. He is a hard guy to figure out.
He needs a change of scenery to salvage his career potential as much as anyone in the league right now. He has absolutely zero confidence with the puck. How many times did he blatantly skate in offsides tonight? At least three times from what I saw. He looked like a deer in the headlights. He had plenty of time and space to peel off each time, but he just kind of froze and kept on skating in anyways. I know it was a 5 on 3, but the worst was not even trying to get in between Gallagher and the net. If he can't play with the puck any longer, he's completely redundant with Schenn and Grossmann on the team. At least Schenn and Grossmann are physical and can get nasty, which Coburn usually avoids at all costs. I like that Schenn gave Eller a vicious crosscheck in front of the net, which is something I haven't seen Coburn do in ages.

As bad as he's been, I'm sure he still holds good value around the league, as the GMs are an old Canadian boy's club and love big Western Canadian defensemen like Coburn. I think Holmgren tried his best to move him in the offseason, but he just didn't get a package he liked enough.

Beyond Coburn, this whole team needs to do passing drills until they're blue in the face. The passing has been terrible and sloppy, but the inability to receive clean passes has also been alarming. Simmonds is especially bad. It seems he can't control any puck unless the pass is very soft or he's stationary.

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