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10-06-2013, 02:23 AM
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Originally Posted by Rob Paxon View Post
Please, unless Rolston is a borderline ****** he knows his team has no legitimate shot at the playoffs. If "building a foundation" means playing Porter more than most every other forward, then all he's doing is trying (and failing) to scrape out wins so that he finishes 12th rather than 13th.
Woah! Slow down sparky

I am saying nothing about playoffs or that Rons thinking about playoffs. I am not saying Ron thinks playing Porter equals the foundation mindset.

I'll attempt again. I guess my wacky explanation isn't clear. It's just a thought, a guess, nothing I'm married to. Speculation all day long...

Rolston by all accounts is a good teacher/developer of youth. Once he has his belief system in place, once he has his team buying into his teachings, once he feels the foundation he preaches is being executed well.... He then feels he can move on to bigger picture concepts. Move on to harder strategies, game plans. Basically pushing his team to develop beyond the foundation he's laid out and taught. Well, I think HE NEEDS to know the foundation is sound before trying to build on it. Maybe currently, he sees this team, with all the new faces (players, coaches etc..) as not successfully executing the foundation he's trying to teach. Therefore he hasn't been able to build beyond it. 3 losses with the most basic of concepts and strategy unable to be done by most of the players must drive him nuts.

Again, just a thought. Or I guess taking the "oh he just simply sucks" opinion is an option too. Stripped down, and shallow, but it is something to consider I guess

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