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10-06-2013, 07:49 AM
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Originally Posted by MsWoof View Post
Never mind the concussion, the 4 surgeries in 15 months had an impact on his play. He was always slow but he was getting beaten to the outside more frequently. Look at Kimmo now and that's basically what we'd have if Pronger was playing. People act like he's 30 years old and in his prime but he was starting to play worse.
If I recall he was on an abslute offensive tear when he go his concussion.

Originally Posted by briererocks View Post
1. Bryz signing was a disaster.

2. Richards trade has not worked out. Simmonds is heavily overrated by this board and Schenn has not developed into a good player yet.

3. Pronger trade in retrospect was arguably a mistake. Yes we made it to the SCF but we lost 4 first round draft picks and have probably the worst prospect pool in the NHL and are dealing with cap issues every season.

4. The Eminger trade for a first round pick was horrific.

5. The Meszros trade was bad.

6. The Matt Carle trade was bad.

7. The JVR trade was bad (and I like L. Schenn).

8. Our defense is the most expensive in the NHL and is probably the worst defense in the NHL.

9. He brought in Lavi.

He has been an epic failure.
The unbolded things in the quote are all spot on, and he probably needs to go. However...

Richards is good, but Simmonds alone has outscored him over the last two seasons. Then you add in the value of Schenn and the second rounder and I think it more than makes up for the things Richards can do that Simmonds can't (nvm some of the things Simmonds can do that Richie can't, and age and cap flexibility).

The Pronger and Mezsaros trades are only a mistake if You have a crystal ball and know they're both going to lose huge time to injuries. That's an unreasonable expectation. A 2nd rounder for Mesaros was a decent trade. He won the award for best Flyers defenseman the year after we got him. He's yet to hit hiss tride since then though.

Matt Carle was a 25 minute a night defenseman on this team for years. And a productive one at that. That trade was fine.

He brought in Lavi, who subsequently coached this team to the Finals with a terrible, possibly blind goalie in net.

If we're gonna cucify him let's do it for the right reasons.

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