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Originally Posted by briererocks View Post
1. Bryz signing was a disaster.

2. Richards trade has not worked out. Simmonds is heavily overrated by this board and Schenn has not developed into a good player yet.

3. Pronger trade in retrospect was arguably a mistake. Yes we made it to the SCF but we lost 4 first round draft picks and have probably the worst prospect pool in the NHL and are dealing with cap issues every season.

4. The Eminger trade for a first round pick was horrific.

5. The Meszros trade was bad.

6. The Matt Carle trade was bad.

7. The JVR trade was bad (and I like L. Schenn).

8. Our defense is the most expensive in the NHL and is probably the worst defense in the NHL.

9. He brought in Lavi.

He has been an epic failure.
All of these reasons, most of them wrong, and the insistence that Michael Leighton is an NHL goaltender is not one of them. If he hadn't done that, at least half of your points come off the table entirely.

Originally Posted by MountainHawk View Post
See, I think our defensive talent is fine, it's just the coach that blows, so I would have bolded 8 and not 9.

Lavy needs a very specific type of team to win, and he doesn't have it here. He's really not that good a coach. There are AHL and ECHL coaches that could adjust to their roster better than he does.
The problem is that he had the team, and it was systematically taken away from him. That's on the GM, not the coach. You hired the coach to do what he is doing, and the GM put him in the position to fail. It's on the GM to change the coach, not the coach to do things he wasn't hired to do. That's how you get yourself fired faster.

The guy won a Cup, and should have had another one. He didn't forget how to coach once the core of the team was blown to pieces because Big Ed had a conniption.

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