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10-06-2013, 11:36 AM
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Originally Posted by StevensCakeBakerBacker View Post
The team was "blown up" for other reasons, not solely to pay Bryz $5mill/per. You seriously think Carter and Richards were moved to make room for Bryz?
No, it wasn't blown up for "other" reasons. The media claims that because they're a bunch of morons with the collective critical thinking abilities of a crumbling rock; and if it WAS blown up for "other" reasons, this organization is dumber than the media, especially with those two playing a critical role in another team's Cup win immediately. I find it extremely convenient that, at the time of those trades, the team was in a really tight spot, and those trades just happened to address all the issues while allowing them to sign a goalie. If the Flyers weren't in a position where they had no choice but to make moves that bring back max value I doubt the core gets blown up. It was clear going into that offseason some big moves were getting made.

However, if Snider hadn't declared it was time to get a goalie at any cost they probably don't need to make those moves. The extra cap hit needed for Bryz is what really threw things over the edge.

Originally Posted by StevensCakeBakerBacker View Post
I have never been in the Flyers locker room, but I'd imagine Lavy wants Hartnell to not fall over like an idiot 10 times per game. I don't think Lavy is above criticism, and am fine if they got rid of him if a better option is available, but the players have been in plenty of positions to score goals and just flat out sucked.
Hartnell isn't routinely in the top 6 because he sucks. His balance is what it is, but he gets his job done routinely. The players have collectively struggled to finish for 50 games now. More than that, going back to the NJ series. At some point it's time to stop holding the players responsible and wonder what sort of coaching they're getting. These same things were said during Stevens' tenure.

IMO, the team seems to lack leadership on the ice. They deflate and get rattled rather easily. I think it's just a matter of all the new pieces falling into place. This team will compete, but need a piece to really be a threat.
They don't lack leadership. Not with Lecavalier, Hartnell, Timonen, and Giroux out there. No, they look confused. They aren't functioning as a team, they're functioning as a group of individuals who look like they're all trying to bury the goal or set up a chance all on their own. When they aren't working as a cohesive unit that goes back to the coach. That the coach has been asked since last season to reign in the offense and try to coach a system he's not used to certainly can't help.

Also, this statement is even more deja-vu back to the Stevens/Richards-Carter era. Which of our "terrible" leaders should we ship to other teams to build a Cup contender this time?

The roster isn't bad. They're underperforming. Changing the roster isn't the answer, and it will likely set the org back even further...right after they set themselves back several years with the 2011 trades. Trying a new coach is the easier and more logical solution.

These guys look like they need to get back to basics.

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