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10-06-2013, 12:26 PM
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Originally Posted by joansie14 View Post
So . . .I had this dream or nightMARE depending on what side of the corral you are standing on:
Dale is standing in front of an (almost) empty corral, his cowboy hat slightly askew atop his head. His body has been tattooed with horseshoe prints because he’s been overrun by a stampede of colts who are heading to graze on greener pastures with names like Sudbury, London, and Owen Sound. His lasso is frayed and droops limply by his side. They became immune to his whip some time ago.
Only a few of the youngest horses and an old mare stand in the corral before him. They make no attempt to leave even though he has left the gate wide open. Where would they go? Life is pretty good here, especially since the others have gone. And besides, one especially has got pretty good blood lines—dare I say ties-- to another stable, one where Dale keeps a watchful eye. These horses—oh, if only they were a rare breed-- have never felt the lash, even when warranted.

The horse traders are heading to the BMC . They have deep pockets that are full of promises.
Show them the goalies first. BTW-Where is Gibl. Doesn't he really deserve more than one try?

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