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10-06-2013, 01:52 PM
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Originally Posted by Beef Invictus View Post
No. A ton of his criticism wasn't about breakaways. It was about how he was constantly failing to be square to the shooter. His effort level was low. If he was screened, he would sit there behind it making barely any attempt to see the puck. He constantly failed to track the puck. He got beaten on routine shots from low-quality areas all the damned time. He rarely fought for saves. He very rarely bailed out his defense, which made them look worse than they actually were. There were rumors of disinterest and locker room issues. The breakaways were just the tip of the ****berg that was Bryzgalov's performance in Philly.

Hell, all you had to do was watch opposing goalies make saves Bryz didn't all the damned time to realize he wasn't measuring up. Shots from the slot and from one timers should not have been going in as often as they did. Every team creates those opportunities. Most goalies stop them at a higher rate than Bryz did.

If breakaways and being hung out to dry by his defense were his chief issues, he would be doing better than a try-out agreement with the ECHL. You don't think any of the GMs in the pro-hockey world would have seen what you're saying besides you?
A ton of it was about breakaways. I didn't say most of it was, or say it was one of the top two or three things even. But the amount that he was criticized for breakaways was more than any goalie that I ever remember playing here, so in that sense, yes a ton of it was.

I'm not even saying that Bryz was unfairly criticized- he deserved criticism for not making more big saves, but that's where most of it came from. The locker room issues are a separate issue that doesn't have any bearing on whether we should be happy with what's happened so far this year with our goalies. Most of the things you addressed in your post- the screened shots he didn't fight to see enough, one timers and shots from high quality areas that he didn't stop enough, those still aren't bad goals. The sentence about getting beat from low quality areas on routine shots all the time is the only one I disagree with. Shots he could see, that weren't right in front of the net, weren't the problem.

To bring this back to our current goalies, if the script from the first 2 games replays itself, people will eventually stop saying that they're doing fine. That was my original point.

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